FPC offers an assortment of ministries for diverse needs and people. These are a brief statement of each of our offerings.


Our youth group is alive and active. There is a full calendar with something every week on Friday nights. In addition to the regular activities on Fridays we have annual events that minister to young people. We are a member of a youth convention in August each year called North West Youth Quest. There are five churches that sponsor this convention. We also have outdoor activities, sporting events, Youth Choir with public singing engagements, parties, outreach, and trips out of state. Only the young can keep up with all we do-no old folks allowed =)


We are traditionally Pentecostal in our worship. We like it loud and long. Music is such a major part of Pentecost that it is naturally a major part of our church. We have interactive praise and worship in our services. We have an Adult choir, a Youth choir, an orchestra, and special singing by individuals and groups. We use traditional piano and organ, and add in brass, bass, guitars and drums. When you come get ready to rock, because we will sing unto the Lord!

Bus Ministry

Jesus told us to go in the highways and byways so we just do it. We run our buses on Sunday mornings and bring in children from needy homes. It is our conviction that these children are faced with impossible challenges. It is our burden to bring them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

We have a mandate to counter the deluge of this modern culture that is in juxtaposition to the scriptures. Our children and bus children are taught the life changing principles of the Holy Bible. We also offer fun and activities each week and throughout the year. Classes start for children at the age of six and are provided until age thirteen. Our teachers are experienced and have taught for many years and only get better with time! Your child needs what they have to say!


The Men of FPC enjoy various activities throughout the year. They have an annual meeting where they hear amazing preaching to better themselves as men of God. They also have recreational activities. In the past they have been fishing, toured the Boeing factory, and explored volcano lava caves to name a few.


Our ladies have events throughout the year to have fellowship and minister to the needs of women of the 2000’s. They have banquets and other activities that are vital to our church calendar.